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Gamers develop for gamers

Yes it true! i've been a gamer as long as i can remember myself  playing on my amstrad and making games was a childhood dream. 

But let me introduce my self. Am Mario born and grew in Greece, graduated from Physiotherapy institute and worked as a physiotherapist until 2017. While working as a physiotherapist at 2015 i've started getting into game development/programming/3d modeling, which took me about 2 years on which i developed a mobile game which was never released (maybe i should have released it) , Metal Guardians. It was a fun experiment which led me in redesigning it atleast 3 times! Anyways , after feeling quite confident in game development i resigned from my Physiotherapy job and started developing my First Title, Escape Legacy.

Escape Legacy at first i thought it would an easy to do game, but it seemed that it wasn't. Tried to bring more features into game that made it really hard to develop as more features were added in time. On this task i had my assistants, my siblings! I tought them some of the basics of UE4 and made all required visual changes to work out of the box like a Sims game for them to work on level design and aplha testing. i've designed first 2 levels and the rest 8 was handled equaly by both of them.

Well this actually was the beginning of Storming Tech. After Escape Legacy got to work on my own for porting it to PC and VR. Long process especially on VR, as i was developing at the moment with a Google Cardboard device. After entering Oculus Start program for early VR developers, i finally managed to get into VR development seriously. This led me to think that VR will be indeed the future of gaming eventually.

Next Project was... Project RIP which took almost a year and a half to developed, updated and ported to PC/VR/Mobile. This year i also assist my oldest sibling on developing a VR game, so yeah it was a pretty tough year working almost 12 hours a day.

i never regret the time i have invested on development, the only thing that i regret was getting the right choices to what i really wanted to do while i was young. 35 years old now and time is never enough, so much to learn, so much to do. 

Am closing this intro saying, am not giving up. I love this job :-)

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